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⌄ Keynote speakers IMEKOFOODS 2020

Paul Finglas (Quadram Institute) The Food Nutrition Security Cloud in Europe

Paul Finglas

Head of the Food Database National Capability, and Research Leader in Food and Health. He is an experienced food and nutritional scientist on vitamins and bioactives in foods, their intake, absorption, metabolism and requirements. He is currently coordinating EuroFIR Nexus, and participating as a WPL and member of the management boards in PlantLibra and TDS, BaSeFoods, and MoniQA NoE. He is Editor-in-Chief of Food Chemistry, editor of the journals Trends in Food Science (Executive Editor) and Technology…

Selvarani Elahi (LGC Group) Technical dispute resolution in the UK Official Food Control System

Selvarani Elahi

Selvarani is the UK DeputyGovernment Chemist and Executive Director of the Food Authenticity Network at LGC. She hasover 25 years’ experience in the analysis of food and agriculture samplesfor authenticity, contaminants, additives, composition and nutrients, and has also managed teams delivering consumerproduct testing. She also works across avariety of policy areas, with different stakeholder groups, to improvestandards in measurement science…

Michael Sulyok (BOKU Vienna) Performance of LC-MS/MS based methods for the simultaneous determination of hundreds of compounds deriving from different contaminant classes

Michael Sulyok

In his work there is a strong focus on method validation and participation in international interlaboratory comparison studies in order to characterize the performance of modern LC-MS based multi-analyte methods with minimal or even no sample clean-up which will be topic of his presentation. The other focus is on the application of the method to study the overall pattern of mycotoxins and fungal metabolites in food- and feedstuffs and in the indoor environment…

Ana Isabel Gomes Rito (INSA) The WHO/ COSI Europe – the role of surveillance on inversing trends of childhood obesity in Portugal and Southern Europe

Ana Isabel Gomes Rito

Ana Rito has a PhD in “Nutrition and Public Health”. Since 2008 she undertook 2 Post-Doc at the NIH (INSA)-Portugal. She is the PI for Portugal, of the COSI/ WHO Europe study and a member of its Advisory Board. Collaborating at NIH -WHO Collaborating Center for Nutrition and Childhood Obesity. She is also the Director of the Research Center CEIDSS…

Eva Vlková (CZU Prague) Probiotics and prebiotics in human nutrition

Eva Vlková

Eva is a head of the Department of Microbiology, Nutrition and Dietetics at the CZU in Prague and a member of the Scientific committee of the Czech Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics. Her primary research interest is gastrointestinal microbiota and its modification by probiotics and/or prebiotics with focus on bifidobacteria, their application to food and feed and methods of their detection. She participated in the development of ISO/IDF standard for determination of bifidobacteria in food. Other key areas of her research interests are microbial quality of food and fermented foodstuff….

Aleš Rajchl (UCT Prague) Food Reformulation – A Challenge (not only) for the Food Industry

Aleš Rajchl

Aleš Rajchl is currently an Associate professor of Food Technology and a Head of the Department of Food Preservation at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. His main research interest is focused on evaluation of food quality and authenticity, food analysis (ambient ionization mass spectrometry – DART), technology of fruit/vegetable products and food reformulation…

Reinhard Zeleny (European Commission, Joint Research Centre) Recently developed food matrix CRMs from EC-JRC

Reinhard Zeleny

PhD in food- and biotechnology (BOKU Vienna), fellow and temporary agent at EC-JRC-IRMM, reference material and research projects in the food area (allergens, food proximates, beef gender), senior post-doc at BOKU Vienna (glycobiology research work), now permanently employed at EC-JRC in Geel. Project responsible for food and biological reference materials and feasibility studies (veterinary drugs, food authenticity, food microbiology, biosecurity), past member of the Organic Analysis Working Group of the Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance: Metrology in Chemistry and Biology (CCQM), work package leader in EuroBioTox biosecurity Horizon 2020 project, editorial board member of Food Chemistry….

⌄ Sessions 16th September 2020

Welcome drink for incoming participants

⌄ Sessions 17th September 2020

8:00-9:00 CEST
Registration and on-line participants connection

Welcome word of the symposium chair
Kouřimská L
Welcome word of the IMEKO nad TC23 chair
Castanheira I
Welcome word of the Czech National IMEKO
Haasz V
Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports CR and ESFRI representative
Vyšinka M
Welcome word of the vice-dean of the Faculty of Agrobiology, Food and Natural Resources, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
Tlustoš P

Session 1: Food safety, Food authenticity, Foodomics – Chair: Lenka Kouřimská

Keynote presentation:
Food safety – contaminants, trace elements, natural toxins
Sulyok M

Keynote presentation:
Technical dispute resolution in the UK Official Food Control System
Elahi S

Technical support for regional, PDO, PGI and TSG labels. The contribution of the distributed research infrastructure of the METROFOOD-RI — Greek node
Tsimidou MZ, Tarantilis P, Trichopoulou A, Gerothanassis IP, Livieratos I, Kakoulides E

Building up citizen awareness on food safety and sustainability through participation
Di Giovanni B

Combination of -omics strategies with traditional methods allows for comprehensive assessment of protective and adverse effect of ω-3 polyunasturated fatty acids in parenteral nutrition
Kosek V, Bechynska K, Heczkova M, Daskova N, Cahova M, Hajslova J

Nutritional features of Australian grown Feijoa (Acca sellowiana) fruit
Phan ADT, Cozzolino D, Wright O, Rychlik M, Sultanbawa Y, Netzel M

Lunch break

Session 2: Food security, Food authenticity – Chair: Pavel Klouček

Keynote presentation:
The Food Nutrition Security Cloud in Europe
Finglas P, Astley S, Korousic-Seljak B, Gibney E, Presser K, de la Cueva Gonzalez-Cotera J, Fillery-Travis A, Webb S, Frankte P

Combined non traditional isotopes for quality, authencity and high geographical resolution assessments of wines
Donard FX

Development of inorganic and isotopic analytical strategies for the geographical authentication of olive oil
Nasr E, Epova E, Bérail S, Hammami M, Abderrazek H, Donard OFX

Stable isotope ratios of herbs and spices commonly used as herbal infusions on the Italian market
Khatri PK, Larcher R, Camin F, Ziller L, Tonon A, Nardin T, Bontempo L

Laser photoacoustic spectroscopy for food fraud detection
Fiorani L, Artuso F, Clai G, Giardina I, Lai A, Mannori S, Menicucci I, Nuvoli M, Pasquo A, Pistilli M, Pollastrone F, Puiu A

Coffee break

Session 3: Public health, Food reformulation, Quality and safety of plant products – Chair: Eva Vlková

Keynote presentation:
The WHO/ COSI Europe- the role of surveillance on inversing trends of childhood obesity in Portugal and Southern Europe
Gomes Rito AI

Keynote presentation:
Food reformulation – a challenge (not only) for the food industry
Rajchl A

Quality assurance/quality control in cannabis products analysis
Fenclova M, Benes F, Peukertova P, Binova Z, Hajslova J

Essential oils in foods. Dead end or light at the end of the tunnel?
Klouček P

The use of tailored microbial consortia for enhancing crop yield and quality
Bevivino A, Caldara M, Hett J, Passato S, Tabacchioni S, Frusciante S, Fiore A, Del Fiore A, Cantale C, Ambrosino P, Maestri E, Marmiroli N, Neuhoff N, Giovannetti G, Masoero G, Brunori A, Pihlanto A

Improving crop plants growth and health with the help of microorganisms: SIMBA EU project
Maestri E, Neuhoff D, Bevivino A, Passato S, Giovannetti G, Caldara M, Gullì M, Graziano S, Carlo S, Hett J, Tabacchioni S, Frusciante S, Fiore A, Del Fiore A, Ambrosino P, Giovannetti C, Masoero G, Brunori A, Pihlanto A, Marmiroli N

Social dinner

⌄ Sessions 18th September 2020

Session 4: Food reference materials, Proficiency testing, Data handling in food samples – Chair: Paul Newman

Keynote presentation:
Recently developed food matrix CRMs from EC-JRC
Zeleny R

Open data in the context of FNS-Cloud and METROFOOD-RI
Presser K

Capacity development within METROFOOD RI Greek Node regarding food fraud. Chromatographic and spectroscopic expertise as a case study
Ordoudi SA

The first certified reference materials for somatic cell counting (SCC) in milk
Zeleny R

Coffee break

Session 5: Human nutrition – Chair: Aleš Rajchl

Keynote presentation:
Probiotics and prebiotics in human nutrition
Vlková E, Neužil Bunešová V, Killer J, Šubrtová Salmonová H, Musilová Š

Research statistical study of various dietary supplements through measurements of their energy content
Sapalidou G, Karampatzakis S, Kogia F, Angelidis G

Personalised nutrition
Žatečka L, Kouřimská L

Natural food supplements from microalgae via supercritical CO2 extraction
Marino T

Nutritional value of edible insects and perspectives of their use as an alternative source of proteins
Kouřimská L

Best poster award
6th IMEKOFOODS announcement
Closing ceremony


TC23 meeting – for TC23 members only

⌄ Posters

The Best Poster Award has been established to recognize the scientific merit exhibited in poster presentation and preparation. Each participant can vote no more than 3 posters. Criteria of judgement on the poster should be clarity of poster and appearance quality and the ability of summarizing the content of the work. The award recipients will be announced at the closing ceremony.

Voting is open from Wednesday 16 September at 6:00 AM to Friday 18 September at 10:30 AM CEST

Session 1) Quality and safety of plant and animal agricultural products

Del Fiore A, Colonna N, Cuna D, De Rossi P, Stamigna C, Tolaini V, Crinò P

Kubeš J, Sýkorová T, Skalický M, Lhotská M, Česká J, Hnilička F

Motta C, Coelho M, Tavares N, Diniz D

Pokhrel K, Kouřimská L, Božik M

Škvorová P, Kouřimská L

Tolaini V, Salazar Sanclemente KC, Crinò P

Zigo F, Ondrášovičová S, Vasiľ M, Pecka-Kielb E, Bujok J

Session 2) Food safety – contaminants, trace elements, natural toxins

Copeto S, Jesus S, Motta C, Coelho I, Castanheira I

Gueifão S, Moreira T, Ventura M, Delgado I, Celho I, Castanheira I
10. Development and application of a HILIC-QToF-MS method in the monitoring of sulfonamide residues in powdered milk-based infant formulas
Petrarca MH, Braga PAC, Reyes FGR, Arisseto-Bragotto AP

retracted by authors

Rego A, Ventura M, Gueifão S, Coelho I, Cardoso C, Afonso C, Bandarra N, Isabel Castanheira

Ribeiro M, Zephyr N, Leufroy A, Coelho I, Danion M, Castanheira I, Guerin T, Jitaru P

Sharma S, Vandermeiren K, Belc N, Mast J, Presser K, Verleysen E, Zoani C, Van Loco J

Van Hassel WHR, Huybrechts B, Wilmotte A, Andjelkovic M

Session 3) Food hygiene, allergens, environmental aspects

Toma L, Franzoni A, Mattarozzi M, Cavazza A, Giannetto M, Ronda L, Careri M

Session 4) Food security, food authenticity

Bergamaschi L, Mandrile L, Rossi AM

Coelho I, Matos A, Nascimento A, Bordado J, Donard O, Epova E, Barre J, Berail S, Castanheira

Drábková K

Fortunati S, Giannetto M, Rozzi A, Corradini C, Careri M

Ghorab A, Nakib R, Bekdouche F

Jakabová S, Fikselová M, Ševčík M, Aláčová Z

Masci M, Zoani C, Nevigato T, Turrini A, Jasionowska R, Caproni R, Ratini P

Session 6) Foodomics

Session 5) Food quality, food integrity

Kolarič L, Šimko P

Pianezze S, Perini M, Sepulcri A, Baldini M, Fabro C, Piasentier E, Corazzin M

Soukup J, Kouřimská L

Šmídová Z, Šavrdová M, Laknerová I, Urban M

Session 7) Human nutrition

Jesus S, Coelho M, Dias G, Castanheira I

Nevigato T, Masci M, Turrini A, Zoani C, Caproni R

Sabolová M, Bašová A

Žatečka L, Sabolová M

Session 8) Food reference materials and proficiency testing

Lucarini M, Benedetti B, Durazzo A, Nicoli S, Turrini A, Lombardi-Boccia G

Nadjenkoska A

Sandoval S, González K, Muñoz L

Session 9) Food contact materials, nanomaterials, microplastics

Bianchi F, Fornari F, Riboni N, Spadini C, Cabassi CS, Carraro C, Mazzeo PP, Bacchi A, Orlandini S, Furlanetto S, Careri M

Jancikova S, Dordevic D, Tesikova K, Antonic B, Tremlova B

Session 10) Novel food technologies, food reformulation

Tsimidou M, Mantzouridou FTh, Trichopoulou A, Tsakalidou E, Kazou M, Tarantilis P

Session 11) Data handling in food samples

Palocci C, Zoani C

Session 12) Sensory analysis, food acceptance, consumer behaviour

Petříčková D, Kouřimská L, Ferusová Ž, Faměra O

FOR GASTRO & HOTEL (1-3 October 2020)

All conference participants are invited to the 10th anniversary of the FOR GASTRO & HOTEL 2020 trade fair. You can look forward to thematic presentations and workshops. Moreover international cuisine will be presented with top and world-renowned chefs this year. Write the date in your calendar and enjoy with us!


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