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Info COVID-19 situation

Due to the current and uncertain situation, we decided to organize IMEKOFOODS 2020 in a hybrid way. We offer you the opportunity to participate online as a participant and also as a presenter. It is still true that IMEKOFOODS 2020 will take place on the CZU campus in Prague (September 16-18, 2020). If for any reason you are unable to come in person, you can attend the conference online.

On-line participation will be possible for a special price!


IMEKOFOODS 2020 will be held in campus of Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
from Wednesday 16th until Friday 18th of September 2020.

IMEKOFOODS is coming to Prague – Czech Republic for its fifth edition. From Wednesday 16th until Friday 18th of September 2020 , researchers, industries and people involved in food control and nutritional studies, will present and discuss their findings on new measurement techniques, analytical methods & devices, reference materials, measurement uncertainty, data integration & sharing in support to food analyses.

Czech University of Life Sciences Prague , together with IMEKO TC 23 , are delighted to invite scientists, PhD students, health professionals, food inspection and control agencies, laboratories for food control and the industry to discuss and present their findings on metrology in food and nutrition.

The presentations of the three previous IMEKOFOODS Conferences successfully addressed the latest developments in food related measurements using a variety of techniques and approaches, as well as the key topics of harmonization and standardisation . In addition to technical and poster sessions, useful scientific discussions and workshops dedicated to some specific initiatives may encourage new collaborations and strengthen the existing ones.

Highlights of the program

  • quality and safety of plant and animal agricultural products
  • food safety – contaminants, trace elements, natural toxins
  • food hygiene, allergens, environmental aspects
  • food security, food authenticity
  • food integrity – quality
  • foodomics
  • human nutrition – probiotics, prebiotics, dietary supplements, bioactive compounds, personalised nutrition, nutrigenomics
  • food reference materials and proficiency testing
  • food contact materials, nanomaterials, microplastics
  • novel food technologies, food reformulation
  • data handling in food samples
  • sensory analysis, food acceptance, consumer behaviour

The registration to the conference is only possible via the online registration form.

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